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The Dressage Simulator

My name is Steph Brumpton and I am the owner and creator of SJB Equine Performance Training. 

 SJB Equine Performance Training was created after I started working with a 5* event rider as her Strength and Conditioning coach. I noticed just how far behind in training the equestrian athletes were in comparison to other Olympic Sports, and the impact of which the training I was doing with Alex made to her riding. This made me think, if this is top level athletes just imagine how much difference I could make to people at lower levels as well. 

As riders we train tirelessly trying to get our horses ‘fit’, ‘balanced’ & ‘supple’ but often neglect our own fitness and there’s always been very little focus on how we as riders move and it’s always been about the horse when actually, we as riders can cause most of the problems. As a rider myself I’ve always understood how important my posture, balance and conditioning is and how it effects the horse I’m riding massively.