1–2 Mar 2025 228 days to go! #EquineShow

Mia Coombes

Me and my boy (Arizona) have been a partnership for nearly 6 years and my mum has owned him for 15 years this year!
He’s always been a handful and our journey has been far from straight forward, after suffering a bad fall off him at the beginning of our journey together, I had lost all confidence and felt so hopeless, the thought of sitting in the saddle again terrified me. So I decided to start documenting our journey on social media and proving to everyone that no matter how hard it gets and how deflated you feel, there’s always an up from the down and you will always get there regardless of the challenges you face.
After having my baby boy at the beginning of last year our journey got slowed down a bit but we are now back in full swing and posting content again which is so lovely!
Also hoping to raise my boy to be a little showjumper in a few years time!🙈