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kanane Francis 

I am a aspiring jockey from inner city highfields Leicester, I am due to get my amatuer licence in march 2023 to persue my career as a jockey as I have only been riding for the past 3 years. I started at the urban equestrian academy after I left brooksby melton college from completing my level 2 in animal care due to not having the best luck trying to find a veterinary nursing apprenticeship ,this is where I discovered my passion for horses, the speed and adrenaline rush took my passion for animals to a whole new level I sat on my first horse in 2020 and I was enrolled in the racing school by June and I graduated the British racing school in September 2022, I now live in Newmarket where I work for a new trainer called Dylan cunha hopefully my determination and ambition can take me to the grand national one day so I’m working hard and dreaming big!