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Joe Midgley

Joe Midgley is a Behaviourist and Western Horseman and clinician. Joe travels the UK and abroad giving demonstrations and clinics for horse owners to better themselves and their horsemanship.

Joe is incredibly passionate about educating young horses and their humans. Building a solid foundation in feel, body control and confidence makes starting your ridden career a smooth and comfortable experience.

In addition, Joe’s extensive work with behavioural problems has taken him all around the world. From loading to bucking, Joe’s techniques are proven time and time again to be effective, while also gentle with the horse.

Why would we ride without a goal in mind? Joe has studied the art of the vaquero bridle horse. But, adding in his own take on biomechanics, Joe is a student of the horse. His clinics focus on advancing the horse with true lightness, while also discussing teeth, nerves, bone structure and more!

Founder of www.goodhorsemanshipchannel.com