1–2 Mar 2025 228 days to go! #EquineShow

Jemima Croft

I’m a disability rights advocate on social media. I share the highs and lows of retraining my ex racehorse into a para dressage horse, whilst also raising awareness of disability within the equine community. I regularly review brands and products that are authentic and inclusive, as well as attending many events. I hold a First Class degree in Equine Management and share a lot of that life online too. I have nearly 5000 followers, and my reels average anything from 3k to 380k, due to turning negative into positive situations and sharing relatable content. I think I would make a great ambassador as I’m approachable, I can educate in a easy-to-understand way. I am able to attend the show on one of the days and can document the day on my stories.