1–2 Mar 2025 258 days to go! #EquineShow

Isabel howell

Hi I’m Izzy and I’m 16 I’m just finishing my first year at equine college. My aim is to become a farrier in the future I have 2 more years at college before I move on to this. I currently have 3 almost 4 horses. My 17hh warmblood (Allure) I actively compete in our riding club and a junior representative on our committee for British riding club and ride on our teams. I also have marg my connieX Arab who my mum says I have the same strong attitude as. She is my all rounder and recently we have started training for horse boarding with our friends. I have a Shetland who is my best friend and I take showing all across the country. We are super active on Facebook and instagram. My almost 4th horse is a 2 yr old section C from the bluehaven stud owned by some family friends and he’s been sent to me to show while he’s young. I attended the show this year and wow we had a great day and what an opportunity to be part of the team. Good luck to everyone applying xx