1–2 Mar 2025 316 days to go! #EquineShow

Fabian Williams

The journey to becoming The Blessed Equestrian began at 4 years old. “Growing up in London I haven’t had many opportunities with horses, but I have a passion which has enabled me to create opportunities. Early challenges, When I was a child, I was bullied for the fact I loved horse, in fact when volunteering at my local stables my peers tied me to a tree and constantly excluded me from the group due to the way I looked. In Year 7, I was kicked out of a few mainstream schools when my life would take a drastic turn and pressures led me astray caused me to put my dreams aside and tempting me to associate with the wrong crowd. This really affected me, I struggled to find my identity. Who I am?. ”

However, a pivotal moment at 16, engaging in boxing, empowered a mental shift, rekindling the pursuit of a life within the sport of horse riding. Now with unwavering determination, The Blessed Equestrian is on a trajectory towards the goal: becoming a 5-Time Olympic Gold Medallist, emerging as a beacon of hope for those struggling to find their identity and purpose.

In the face of adversity, The Blessed Equestrian’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion. Through perseverance, a Christmas Campaign shoot with JD Sports, a platform at Turtle Bay Restaurant, and a viral video with over 2 million views have provided global visibility. Amidst these accomplishments, The Blessed Equestrian remains eager to explore new opportunities with horses, seeking the perfect horses to propel towards his eventing gold medals. Conversations with influential figures like Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Sadiq Khan, and the local Borough Mayor have underscored a commitment to making horse riding more inclusive. At the age of 19, The Blessed Equestrian has also founded his own organization called Blessed Equestrians, driven by his vision to transform the way horse riding is perceived and make it accessible to everyone. Blessed Equestrians aims to foster a community that encourages dreams, challenges stereotypes, and embraces individuals from all walks of life in their journey towards a better tomorrow.

As The Blessed Equestrian reflects on the journey, the message resounds:

“Never give up; your passion is your future.”

The pursuit of becoming a 5-Time Olympic Gold Medallist is not just a personal goal but a promise to inspire others to believe in the limitless potential of their dreams.