1–2 Mar 2025 258 days to go! #EquineShow

Emily chambers

Hi, my name is Emily Chambers and I have a page called Richfield Equestrian where I share my journey with my horses. I have two horses, one called Ronald who is my naughty horse and Comet who I compete and event. Ronald is a 15 year old grey cob which I have owned for 6 years. He was my first ever horse. Comet is a 7 year old bay warmblood which I have owned from a 4 year old. I have bought Comet on to where he is today which I am very proud of. I work full time Monday to Friday but I always take the horses out every weekend whether it is fun rides, competing or lessons. The dream is to get to badminton grassroots with Comet and I like to share the ups and downs and day to day life of trying to get there! I loved the National Equine Show this year and cannot wait to go back again next year!