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Dr David Marlin

Dr David Marlin is one of the equine world’s leading scientists, he has worked at the forefront of equine research for over 30 years, David is the President of the UK National Equine Welfare Council and is the President of the Internationally established Sport Horse Welfare Foundation. In David’s illustrious career, he has:

  • Worked for over 25 years on equine thermoregulation.
  • Has had 20+ equine scientific papers published.
  • Worked with endurance horses in the Gulf.
  • Advised the racing industry on the prevention of injury and better management protocols.
  • Worked with the UK Government on legislation.
  • Worked with numerous charities on thermal stress.
  • Worked at the 1996 Atlanta, 2004 Athens, 2008 Bejing, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and 2018 Tryon World Equestrian Games.
  • Authored the FEI Guidelines for the National Federations on the management of horses in thermally challenging conditions.
  • And for 15 years, David held the position of Senior Scientist and Head of Physiology at the Animal Health Trust.

Dr David Marlin founded the website DrDavidMarlin.com to create a safe, reliable and science lead hub of information for all equine professionals and horse riders. The website offers a tremendous library of articles, webinars, videos, podcasts, product testing and research into the world of horses. Don’t let your horse suffer from old-wives tales, myths or marketing rubbish look to science for the answers and make sure your horse is safe and cared for by science’s latest research and findings.