1–2 Mar 2025 284 days to go! #EquineShow

Corriene Beresford

Hi after being sat on a horse whilst at the age of being in nappies still i continued my journey with my Dad by my side ( he had trained as a jockey) Attending the Pony Club and helping dad start ponies off and compete BS .
I then gave up as i “found” boys and parents split… but after a BIG break of nearly 35 years having my own family and 3 children and now a Grandma i am back in the game and have competed BS / Unaffiliated HT /SJ and found my love of horses again ( It never left really).
My current horse is a Fabulous Irish Draught Kitty who from the day i tried her has always felt as though we were one.. We have done everything together BS/ HT/ SJ and even a bit of dressage .. We actually spend a lot of time on the flat and hacking out . Shes now 13 but low mileage and we still have lots of fun ahead!
I have a new bionic hip and my hearts a little dodgy But that does not stop us ! Keep on Keeping on!