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Smart Grooming Introduction at the Turnout Feature Zone

Smart Grooming is delighted to partner with the National Equine show to bring an interactive and educational learning experience covering all aspects of grooming, show preparation and clipping and trimming. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind achieving the perfect look for your equine companions using the innovative Smart Grooming range of products.

On day one, kick off the event with an exclusive introduction by Smart Grooming’s CEO, Victoria Goody. Delve into the world of essential grooming techniques, discovering humane methods for mane and tail taming and tidying. Gain insights into clipping and scissoring tips, mastering the techniques for that sleek, polished appearance.

Receive expert advice on mane and feather care, along with essential tips on drying and whitening feathers. Discover the dos and don’ts of turnout for Native ponies, concluding the day with an interactive Q&A session featuring professional grooms.

As we transition to day two, immerse yourself in tips for whitening and achieving an outstanding coat shine with live demonstrations showcasing the optimal use of Smart Grooming products. Explore grooming techniques, including hot clothing and the final polish, while industry secrets for exceptional results are shared. The afternoon session promises a dive into the art of plaiting and quarter marking. Witness firsthand how to achieve perfect plaits and sharp quarter marks through interactive tutorials suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Join us for two days of unparalleled education and hands-on experience at the National Equine Show, where Smart Grooming sets the standard for grooming excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your grooming skills and enhance the presentation of your horses and ponies with the expertise of the professionals at Smart Grooming. We look forward to meeting you!

Demo Area Activities:


10:30 – 12:00

Demo 1: Mud Busting and Taming the Hair – a complete makeover of a hairy Traditional mini cob – with turnout and SG CEO, Victoria Goody

Introduction to smart grooming products

Essential mud busting and grooming techniques

Mane, tail, and feather care

Mane and Tail Taming using humane methods


Turnout Feature Zone

Sponsored by Smart Grooming

13:30 – 15:00

Demo 2: Native Pony Feature – a complete makeover ready for the Spring Sows with Native Pony Expert – Daisy Conibear

Expert advice on mane, tail and feather care

Trimming and tidying the humane way

What to and what not to trim following breed guidelines

Correct turnout for handler and rider to complement the breed, colour and type of pony

Q&A with Daisy and meet Magic Mike in person!

Turnout Feature Zone

Sponsored by Smart Grooming


10:30 – 12:00

Demo 3a: Getting a Show Ring Shine

How to get a shine through grooming, hot clothing and a final polish

Product showcase – what products to choose and why

Finishing touches to add final shine on competition day

Demo 3b: Whitening tips and tricks with Daisy Conibear

Tips on whitening products and which is best for the job at hand.

Demonstration of different whitening methods and their results

Quick touch up advice for competition day

Turnout Feature Zone

Sponsored by Smart Grooming

13:30 – 15:00

Demo 4: Art of Plaiting and Quarter Marking with Pro Groom and Producer, Natasha Heaphy

The type of plaits to suit your horse or class

Quarter marking techiques and where and how to mark up

How to get sharp lines

Showcasing all the plaiting and quarter marking products from the Smart Grooming range.

Turnout Feature Zone

Sponsored by Smart Grooming

Note: Schedule is subject to change. Check the event program for the most up-to-date information on Smart Grooming demonstrations and activities.

Throughout the Event:

Meet the Professionals

• Opportunities for attendees to interact with professional grooms.

• One-on-one Q&A sessions

• Insights into their experiences and success stories

Product Showcase

• Explore and purchase Smart Grooming products

• Exclusive event discounts and bundles

• Learn about the latest innovations in grooming and show preparation

Interactive Learning Zone

• Engage in hands-on activities and demonstrations

• Try out Smart Grooming tools under expert guidance

• Interactive tutorials for all ages and skill levels