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The Therapy Pony Zone with Lunar Eclipse

Introducing “Lunar Eclipse,” our upcoming venture set to redefine the landscape of equine-facilitated learning & wellness. Meet Daisy and Apollo, our specially trained miniature horses, nurtured for their empathetic nature and therapeutic prowess, who will be the heart of a transformative experience. Harnessing the inherent connection between humans and these gentle companions, Lunar Eclipse aims to create a space where emotional well-being is nurtured through interactions with these miniature wonders.

Join us at the National Equine Show to witness the return of Daisy and Apollo, the beloved miniature stars of Lunar Eclipse. Engage with our team, find out about being trained to become an Equine Facilitated Practioner, and be a part of the journey toward a healthier and more connected tomorrow.

Don’t miss our insightful Q&A sessions at the National Equine Show, where you can delve deeper into the world of equine-facilitated learning & wellness. Learn more about Daisy and Apollo, the approach behind Lunar Eclipse, and how this innovative approach is reshaping emotional well-being.