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The Neurocentric Rider

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National Equine Show 2023 (B26)

Neurocentric approach to Horse riding is where we look at the brain and the nervous system, and how they control and communicate with the rest of the body in movement, including weakness, tightness, balance, co-ordination and accuracy. We look at movement and pain neurology, neurophysiology, and the higher order systems (vision, vestibular and proprioception) then link them into the muscular-skeletal system.

Your traditional rider Physiotherapist, biomechanics Coach Or pilates instructor look at movement from a muscular skeletal system, but as science develops and we understand more , we know these systems only work with communication from the brain and is controlled by a ‘threat matrix’ (how scary you brain finds something). If the threat is LOW then your performance, flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance will be all good. If your threat is HIGH then you will be have tightness, weakness, poor co-ordination and balance (all things we do not want as riders).

At The Neurocentric Rider we use different areas of the brain to help see what is triggering your threat response. It could be as simple as previous injury and compensation, concussion, lack of activation, vision or ear issue, breathing mechanics or brain feeling (just to name a few).

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