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The Champagne Cave

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National Equine Show 2023 (b24)

The Champagne Cave was started in September 2014 by three friends who share a love of fine wine.

As knowledgeable consumers we were aware that even the most high end champagnes are often mass produced and overpriced, despite being sold as ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxury’ brands.

So we set about sourcing the best vintages from small niche growers in France, to bring back to the UK.

After our extensive researches we now have some wonderful suppliers, small family run vineyards all of whom we know personally. We regularly visit the Champagne region to check on our wines and witness the production process at first hand.

As a result we have handpicked for you some of the finest champagnes, many of which you will not find for sale elsewhere in the UK. Our ‘clos’ wines are from one of the few remaining walled garden vineyards, which has 75 year old vines producing wines surpassing all the well known brands you might have already tried.

Our Grand Cru magnum champagnes are made by a grower who only produces 500 ­1000 magnums a year ­ making it truly exclusive. Our Extra Brut range is a real connoisseurs’ champagne, with bone dry finish and a treat for sophisticated palates.

And we would love you to try our Ratafia de Champagne liqueur, a historic style of digestif, now very rarely seen outside France.

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