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Hoofprints Miniature Haven

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National Equine Show 2023 (E66)

Hoofprints Miniature Haven started as a not for profit registered as a charity in July 2018 to show we were a transparent project.

It took an extended period to register as a charity due to the activities with children, vulnerable adults and animals all requiring high levels of commitment, security and expertise.

At present the charity has 4 trustees

We have survived  very testing times over the last few  years. Ready for our next challenge.

Hoofprints Miniature Haven are committed to 

  • Being Aware it is people in the most disadvantaged  community and in  most financially difficult society Are the people who would gain the most from volunteering and/or participating in the farm’s activities?
  • Bringing together people no matter of age, sex, health issues, beliefs or backgound.
  • Being as environmental sustainability as possible .
  • Perform with care for air, soil, water quality biodiversity through our  environmental plan
  • Being part of the local community and encouraging  local community to volunteer / participate at farm.
  • Promote and encourage locals  and further afield  to learn about  the countryside.
  • Organise  regular meetings with trustees, volunteers and the local community to discuss what is happening now and in the future.
  • Animals and the countryside  being a major part to encourage a more healthy lifestyle for everyone no matter what part of society they may be from.
  • Animals gain as much from the visitors that the visitors gain from working with them.
  • Work together with local business  to utilise their skills as part of the charity work

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