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Equihandee was created for my daughter whilst she learnt to ride. I struggled to hold onto her securely, I would either grab hold of her clothes at her back, which was uncomfortable for her or I would hold onto her leg, but this just caused discomfort as I would hold on too tight and was never very safe.

So I got to work on creating something that would benefit myself and my daughter in stabilising her in the saddle.

Using the Equihandee Harness also means you can hold your child and lead your pony at the same time, removing the need for a second helper. For us parents trying to hold your child’s leg with your body going in different directions is quite uncomfortable.

The Equihandee solves this issue. And best of all it gives us parents peace of mind for our child’s safety. The Equihandee Harness fits a 2 to a 10 year old.

Produced by a leading UK industrial fall protection harness manufacturer & using similar materials, the Equihandee Harness has been designed & produced with the knowledge that it offers the owner and user a durable, high quality product that will last!

The main construction of the harness is 25mm wide polyester webbing, which has minimum break strength of 1.5tonnes. Even the thread used within the harness is a high strength polyester filament type, giving you the assurance that nothing has been left to chance with the quality of this equestrian training product.

Since Launching the Equihandee Harness we are proud to announce our products have gone on to help many young and disabled children. We have worked closely with many parents and disability Centres wanting that something extra for their children. We are delighted to have 2 more products which offer extra support for children with disabilities.

The Equihandee Freedom was launched and is a very popular product. We were contacted by parents with children with sensory needs, these children hugely benefited from equine therapy but holding them in the saddle was difficult, so by incorporating a soft and comfortable neoprene jacket under the harness resolved the issues of the straps of the harness causing stress and irritability for the children whilst they ride.

This astounding product has shown to have a calming effect on the child with disabilites such as sensory processing disorder, global development delay, hyper mobile and hyper tonic whilst in the saddle. Or if your child just fancies a little more cushioning then this is the product for you.

The Equihandee Harness has all the amazing benefits of the Equihandee Harness but with the added cushioned jacket. The Equihandee Freedom fits a 4 to a 12 year old.

Our ground breaking product the Equihandee Core Support is our latest product to be launched. The core support has been created for children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy or are unable to sit up unaided/spinal injuries. The Equihandee Core Support offers support to the riders core, with strategically placed handles makes light work for the parent or helper stabilising the rider whilst in the saddle. We were very lucky to be able to work with Hayley and her son Harry. Harry is Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and due to Harry’s disability being in the saddle does wonders for his well being. Equine Therapy for Harry and many other children with disabilities plays a major part in improving physical and mental well-being. Some of the other benefits for Harry are improving his hip migration, tight muscle’s and painful muscles spasms, the movement of the horse loosens his muscles and relieves the pain. Wearing the Equihandee Core Support enables Harry to sit up in the saddle, something he is unable to do by himself.

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