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Patent Grant No:

European Patent Grant No: EP3065558 Intellectual Property date: 10/11/2014 with Worldwide prior art status. Duration 20yrs.

Product Profile

Our patented ‘Nutritional Hydrotherapy’ products are animal feed formulations that provides a simultaneous hydration and nutrition delivery system to equines or any other animal with hindgut fermentation or rumen digestion in the form of a natural fibre liquid feed.

Mission statement

“To provide a system which will help to improve the life of equines young and old, to improve the welfare of all equines in whatever discipline or work they are engaged in across the globe”.

Product Summary

Based on scientific knowledge and evidence, our formulations provide natural simultaneous hydration and nutrition delivery systems, that work in synergy with the natural operation of the gut. They employ the properties of naturally occurring ingredients which when added to water to form a natural soluble fibre gel. The water is released to the animal in such a way as to provide continuous hydration throughout the gastrointestinal tract and to increase the volume of the gastrointestinal fluid pool, especially useful for animals prone to dehydration, exertion and digestive issues.

Product Background

Increasing the capacity of the hindgut reservoir reduces the effects of dehydration, services the body fluid requirements and allows increased performance. Across the world horses and animals live, work and travel in ambient temperatures of over 25ºC and sport horses such as racehorses, endurance horses and animals that have to work for existence are expected to perform strenuous exercise which depletes body fluid and other nutrients. The saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is almost certainly true in many cases, however now you can. Our patented ‘Nutritional Hydrotherapy’ solutions rely on the animal’s instinct to forage rather than its thirst mechanism. Therefore, water can be administered even if the animal is not thirsty.

All of our formulations can produce a water-holding capacity of 27 times its weight making it an abundant source of water, which can be utilised by the gastrointestinal tract to replenish the body’s interstitial fluid in times of heat or exertion stress.


Our formulations are extremely versatile and can be used as a daily ration for all equines or a drink to replenish lost fluid for horses, especially those in extreme temperatures or travelling long distances where body fluids are easily depleted.

Our formulations are exported all over the world as the unique liquid nature of our formulations makes it a useful tool to provide hydration on demand in the domestic nutritional management setting, in the wild animal and zoological settings, with special emphasis for those in the clinical environment.

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