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Avalanche Equestrian

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National Equine Show 2023 (E51)

I remember clearly when the idea for Avalanche first came to me. It was winter, I was standing in a field up to my knees in mud with the sun setting. I soon realised I couldn’t see my horse and no one could see me, being seen is where is all began. This was the moment I developed the SeeMe range of clothing, from this point onwards Avalanches ethos has always been to design clothing that has a practical and stylish but designed for a purpose . The famous Yard Range is the ultimate set of clothing to ride and care for your horses and the best bit about it is its Hay proof! As I am sure some already know, the Yard Range was created as I am allergic to Hay so therefore designing a product that stops hay from getting into your clothes is highly important to me.

I started Avalanche Equestrian when I was 14 years old and spent 18 months developing the ranges. We at Avalanche believe that our clothes must be fit for a purpose Ride in Avalanche Care in Avalanche and Love Avalanche.

Ava Whetstone-Magee

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