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Zoe Pulling

Hi- I’m Zoe and based in Leicestershire.

I started my journey with ponies later than most children (the old age of 14 rather than younger) and was captivated- I’ve never looked back!

I’m afraid I’m a ponies rather than horses girl, got to love the characters and attitude. They have taught me a lot from my first pony Magic who’s 13.2hh and now 26, to the two boys (Sam: 14.2hh Haflinger cross at 20 years old and Blue Cross Bertie aged 6 at 13.3hh) who I’ve progressed in ridden work and dabble with jumping, dressage and fun rides.

My new addition is Kira, she’s an Appoloosa cross American paint 2 year old who want handled before meeting me. I’m exploring the world of Liberty and Agility with having never tried either before.

I’m looking forward to a new event with a new focus, see you there