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BP3 Underwear

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  • BP3 Underwear
  • BP3 Underwear
BP3 Underwear BP3 Underwear BP3 Underwear

Menopause was a tough time for me and it took a while for me to find the confidence (and energy) to start a business, but 3 years ago, I took the plunge and designed my first pair of leakproof knickers.

I originally created BP3s with women like me in mind. Women dealing with incontinence but still wanting to look good, feel pretty, stay active - and not harm the planet with disposable sanitary products. At the time, I didn’t really think about how younger women could use them for their periods, but having a bunch of teenage girls in the house, they were soon asking me to try a pair - and they loved them.

I am now proud that BP3 can be found in the knicker drawer of women of all ages. Whether they’re dealing with the menopause, incontinence or just their monthly period, our knickers help them feel empowered to take on the day without worrying about leaks.

Our aim with BP3 is to end shame around periods and incontinence and help women live their best life. If my knickers give just one woman confidence, then my job is done. 

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